Wednesday, September 14, 2011

While flipping through a homebrewing message board a few weeks ago, I happened upon a link to  A website that allowed you to upload your own artwork and design custom bottle caps. The caps are then available for order for $0.12 a piece.

This is something that I have wanted for years and jumped at the opportunity to place an order.  The caps above are the first four that I did.  I ordered a "digital sample" where Bottlemark prints one of your designs and e-mails you a photo.  I was very impressed and immediately placed an order.  I received my caps in about 2 weeks and they are great.

Bottlemark is a husband & wife operation who are just a couple of months into their adventure in bottle caps.  Their customer service is on a very personal level and could not be better.  Personally, I hope that they are soon too busy with orders to give everyone the attention they gave me.

Best of luck to the Coopers.

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