Monday, February 15, 2010

The Terminal Brewhouse - Chattanooga, TN

Being off on Presidents' Day was nice. I took a nice little drive to Chattanooga to pick up the kiddos from a weekend with the in-laws. On the way, I met an old friend (old, as in we've been friends for a long time...high school) for lunch and a couple of barley pops at The Terminal Brewhouse.

I had seen the brewhouse on previous trips but had yet to have the opportunity to give it a try. As usual, I looked for an IPA to kick things off. The Magnum P.A. was a nicely balanced ale. The hops were present but not overwhelming. This would be a great session beer for hopheads, but likely would not satisy if you desire hop bomb.

The Maibock (Rock out with your bock out)was also excellent. Fresh and crisp with a wonderful malt flavor. I could certainly down a few more of these, but alas a drive back to Nashville is a few hours in my future, so we'll save some for another day.

It should be noted that they also serve food. An intriguing menu featuring locally produced and seasonal goodies. I would recommend giving the Terminal Brewhouse a try if you want fresh well crafted beers and a departure from normal pub fare.