Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Brew Day!!!

7:00am - It's not all that often that you get a day in February that's warm enough to brew in a t-shirt, but today is such a day. The Brew-du-jour is an American IPA with over 12lbs of grain and 5 ounces of hops. There is currently an empty tap on the kegerator and hoppy beers are a favorite of mine, so I'm pretty anxious to get this one done.

9:00am - So far brew day has gone off without a hitch, although I could have done a better job cleaning up after my last batch. Oh well, a little extra work this time.

4:30pm - All finished. Brew day went off without a hitch. Thanks to winter ground temps, the tap water was cool enough to cool the wort to pitching temp in 10 minutes! Finished the day off by baking some bread using the spent grain from this mornings session. Also played catch with my boy and planted (started) some peppers (jalapeno, ancho, cayenne, and anaheim) and sunflowers.

It has been a great day...I need a nap.