Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yazoo Brewing Tap Room

Stopped by the Yazoo Tap Room today to have a beer and get a growler for the Superbowl tomorrow. This is a nice place to have a beer. A bit small and always busy, you have your choices of several Yazoo offerings including regulars, Pale Ale, Dos Perros, Sly Rye Porter, Onward Stout (on nitro) and Hefeweizen. Today's special tap was a Rye Saison that according to the bartender was down to it's last gallon or so.

In addition to their fine beers, they also have some Yazoo branded goodies (hats, t-shirts, pint glasses) as well as a light menu featuring regional cheeses and breads.

Today I decided to take the brewery tour. I've been here 10-15 times, but had never taken the tour. A nice little tour of their small facility gets you up close and personal with the equipment. The tour costs $6 and comes with a Yazoo pint glass (the hefeweizen, today) and samples of the Pale Ale, Dos Perros, and the Hefeweizen. I also got a taste of Hop Project #10 which was still in the fermenter (yummy!).