Thursday, January 1, 2009

Slobberknocker Pale Ale

Brewed - 9/25/05
O.G. - 1.056
F.G. - 1.015

6lbs Gold LME 3.3lbs Amber LME 8oz. Caramel 20 2oz. Cascade Hops (60 Minutes)
1oz. Willamette Hops (30 Minutes)
1oz. Tettnang (2 minutes)
2oz. Oak Chips
English Ale Yeast (WLP002)
Spring Water
Priming Sugar

    I love hoppy beers. This beer was brewed to get me through football season and has done a fine job. Nice clear amber color and
excellent malty flavor. This didn't turn out as hoppy as I had hoped, but it is a very nice beer.

    My bottle conditioning turned out a little inconsistent. While none of the bottles came out flat, a few where a bit
overcarbonated. Like my experience with High & Tight ESB, the oak chips where a nice addition.