Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rebel Brewer - Goodlettsville, TN

Middle Tennessee homebrewers now have another resource for their brewing equipment and supplies. Rebel Brewer occupies a small storefront in a business park not too far from Rivergate Mall north of Nashville.

After happening upon a link to their website, I decided a quick trip to pick up some yeast for my upcoming American IPA project was in order. Although the store is not on the main drag, it was easy to find. When I arrived I was warmly greated by Tom and Karen (my memory is not so good, I think it was Karen and apologize if I am wrong). They were both very friendly, knowlegeable and helpful. We shot the breeze about brewing, beer festivals, and fantasy football. I felt very welcome there.

The main showroom is neatly organized with all of the space hogging products, such as, grain occupying the warehouse portion of the store. Speaking of grain, Rebel Brewer has a great selection and will mill the grains for free.

Tom showed me around a showed me around the store and warehouse and shared some of the future plans for the store which include and upgraded grain mill and a showroom (under construction) for large equipment, such as brew pots, conical fermentors and brewing sculptures.

My shopping experience was delightful and I will definately shop there again. I wish the folks at Rebel Brewer much success.