Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cry Baby 2

(Brewed - 11/10/02)
O.G. - 1.054
F.G. - 1.010
6lbs.Wheat LME
2oz. Saaz Hops
½lb. Crystaline Malt Grain
3lbs Blackberry Honey
Hefeweizen Ale Yeast (WLP300)
4oz Blackberry Flavoring Concentrate
Spring Water
Priming Sugar

This beer was brewed to commemorate the birth of my first child. Instead of cigars we gave away beer (and root beer for the teetotalers). It is a honey-wheat beer flavored with blackberry flavoring. This was an excellent warm weather beer with a light taste and mouthfeel that belied its high alcohol content. The blackberry flavoring, while a bit overbearing at first, mellowed wonderfully with conditioning.

This is the second of the Cry Baby beers. All are fruit & honey hefeweizens. In this iteration, I used blackberry honey instead of the wildflower honey that was used in the original Cry Baby.